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Dear Parents / Guardians

At Knaphill School we want to ensure that our children are able to acquire high standards in English and Mathematics in order that they are well equipped to achieve success in their lives. We also recognise the importance of providing a safe and caring environment in which children grow and develop personal qualities such as kindness, respect, determination, honesty and responsibility.

Our school is an exciting place to learn, where pupils have an opportunity to develop other skills and to fulfil their all-round potential. We have a curriculum built on the fact that when the learning is exciting, engaging and interesting children will thrive and make good progress, and we have enthusiastic teachers who work very hard to provide the opportunities that we hope will stimulate a life-long love of learning.

We continue to look at ways in which we can make further improvements and by working in partnership with you, we aim to place Knaphill School at the centre of our community and a place of success for children.

I would very much like to meet you, but more importantly, I would like you to see the school, talk to the children and staff and experience first-hand the buzz of learning and enjoyment that surrounds our school.

Yours faithfully
Kevin Davies

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Knaphill School Aims

Knaphill School Aims (170KB)

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Admissions and Organisation

All admissions to Year 3 at any point in the year are handled centrally by Surrey County Council www.surreycc.gov.uk. Knaphill School admits boys an...

Aims and School Vision

High Standards: “We want to provide the best education for everyone and make it interesting so that you achieve your best, and want to do your b...


Regular attendance and punctuality are essential, both for legal reasons, and most importantly for the progress of the child's education. The parent m...

Governors' General Statement of Behaviour Principles

Governors believe that: The time spent at primary school is a significant step towards equipping each child to take their place in society; Society ne...

Governors' Statement of Behaviour Expectations

At Knaphill we expect respect and courtesy from all our pupils in their interaction with each other, with members of staff and with other adults. We l...

Parental Involvement

Parents are welcome to visit the School at any time to observe what is being done, or to discuss their child's progress or problems, although it is im...

Pastoral Care

At all times the staff are vitally concerned with the welfare of the children. The Headteacher, Teaching Staff, and Office Staff are prepared to discu...

School Times

The time spent on teaching during the normal school week including Religious Education but excluding the daily act of worship, registration and breaks...

School Uniform

We expect ahigh standard of dress, and we ask parents to provide clothing in the school colours of grey and dark green. Uniform can be purchas...

The School Community

Children The children of Knaphill School are a constant source of pride in terms of their excellent behaviour, their pursuit of high standards and th...

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pdf.gif: Knaphill School Safeguarding Statement

Knaphill School Safeguarding Statement

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